The relationships that make up the family are important to us.

We don’t think kids are not able to comprehend the message of the Gospel or are not ready to really follow through on the commitment to follow Jesus.  We believe that no person is too small to be loved by God or too insignificant to make a difference.  Our goal for our kid’s small group environments is to develop an atmosphere where the love of God will be like an anchor in their hearts that will keep them grounded in Him throughout their lives.

In a service they will…

  • Sing and dance to some great music about God and His love
  • Hear a relevant message from The Bible
  • Be challenged to apply God’s Word to their lives
  • and finally, they will have FUN doing it all!


We have two check in points for our kids during our Sunday services.  You can save time checking them in by registering online.  CLICK HERE to register them so that we can get them where they need to go quickly and hassle free.

If you are coming to the ENGLISH service, you will have to come into the main building through the front in order to find the check in points.