At Tabernacle of God Church, our goal is to help create an environment where anyone and everyone connect with God and other believers, even if it’s their first time at church or their first time in a long time.

Here is what we do on Sundays and why…

We sing songs of Praise & Worship

For us, worship is not music, it’s a response of love to Jesus’ ultimate act of love on the cross for us.  This is why we choose to open our services by welcoming and addressing our God through songs that champion who He is, what He means to us, and how grateful we are for all that He has done, is doing and will do.

We give offering

We are unashamed to ask people to give because we know that by practicing generosity we end up living lives of generosity.  God doesn’t want our money more than He wants a relationship with us.  He doesn’t want something from us but for us.  That’s why we believe that we get more out of life when we give more.  We don’t give because we expect God to bless us in return.  We give our time, talent, and treasure for His purposes because He has already blessed us with greater things than materials blessings.

We listen to a message that is rooted in God’s Word, The Bible

Our pastors have a heart to help people grow in their relationship with God.  That is why we dedicate a portion of our time together to look into God’s Word so that we can better know Him and understand what it means to follow Jesus.  Our pastors strive to share some practical ways in which you can apply God’s Word to your life in a way that makes sense.

We minister and pray

We believe that every time we get together, whether on Sundays or any day, is a divine appointment with God.  He desires to meet and interact with His people.  This is why we usually finish our time together by responding to God’s Word by allowing Him to work in our lives.  Sometimes we sing a song and other times we pray for one another.  Our pastors then bless the congregation as we end our “programed” service in order to begin our true “service” to our God.


We offer a service in SPANISH in our main and larger building and we also offer an ENGLISH service in the back building.  Both services run independently from each other even though they start at the same time, 10:30am on Sundays.  Our large service is our Spanish service which averages almost 500 in Sunday attendance.  Our English service averages about 40.  Though smaller, God is making a BIG impact!

Do you have kids?

We also offer a kid’s ministry where children from newborns to 12 year olds can do the same thing and come to know the amazing love of God!  CLICK HERE to find our how to sign in your child early to save yourself some time when you check them in during your first visit.

When you come for the first time to our Sunday service, make sure to stop by Guest Central in either one of our buildings on campus before or after the service to get a FREE gift from us, just for coming.


  • Spanish service in the main building
  • English service in the back building


Join us next Sunday and come see for yourself.  We’ll be looking forward to meeting you soon!