LENT: Renewal & Reflection

This time of year, millions of people begin to fast and focus during the weeks leading up to Easter.  This practice needs to be something that we all do not only once a week but every week of the year.

Check out this video on prayer.  Our challenge to you is to take this time and pray.  Pray for your neighbors and who you can invite to Church this Easter.  Pray for your family, friends, and your church.

No matter who you pray for, enjoy your time with God and stand in awe that He cares to hear what you have to say and is willing to take action on your behalf!



Today is New Year’s Eve.  Which means that tomorrow is DAY 1 when it comes to fulfilling one’s new year resolutions.

Almost 25% of people who attempt new years resolutions will give them up before January is even over!  The sad truth is that most people fail to maintain their momentum past February. has a great article about if Christians should do new years resolutions and how to approach them.

Also, if you desire to read the entire Bible everyday throughout the year, visit and select the reading plan SOLID LIFE READING PLAN.  That is the same one that Pastor Tito will be doing all year.

No matter the resolution you set, or the ones you fail to keep, know that you serve the same God who is faithful, loving, and compassionate not only yesterday, but today, and forever!

Happy New Year!



Join the members of LABOR OF LOVE in a journey of discovery and preparation. During the last 40 days of 2015, commit to invest time in seeking meaning and purpose in your life.

Each day you will find an inspiration, a question or story, and a challenge. The rest is up to you.

Share with them what you are learning, what you are wondering, and how we can help you in YOUR journey. Share this 40 Day Challenge with a friend or family member.

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