Here at TGC, we have ministries that are designed to either serve you or give you an opportunity to serve.


PreSchoolers (NB-5yr)

These developmental years are the most formative in every child’s life.  That’s why we are dedicated to not only tell our kids but demonstrate to our kids what God’s love looks like.  Our prayer is that the seed of that love may take root in their little hearts so that it will grow into a life dedicated to their Heavenly Father.


Christian Cadets (5-12yr)

Kids love things that are fun and interesting.  We believe that there is nothing more interesting than getting to know God and there is nothing more fun than learning to follow Him!  Our purpose is to guide boys and girls into beginning their own personal adventure as the learn to follow Jesus.


Ignite (Middle School)

There is probably no more bigger transition in a child’s life than going from Elementary to High School.  That’s why this group is passionate about igniting their spirits through God’s Word & the Gospel in such a way that the fire of God’s love will never burn out.  We meet on Wednesday nights in the back building from 7:30pm-8:45pm.




Youth Light Generation (HS)

We don’t fear the teenage years.  We love their passion, energy, and ingenuity.  They want to know “WHY?” and “WHAT CAN WE DO?”.   YLG ‘s goal is to see this current generation shine bright the light of Christ so that God may guide their decisions and empower their lives.  We meet on Wednesday nights in the back building from 7:30pm-8:30pm.


College & Career

Our young adults groups gets together for one reason…COMMUNITY.  We desire to encourage one another as we look for ways to live out our God-given purpose.  It’s not just about making money with our lives but making a difference through our lives.  We get together usually on Fridays but we do get together on other days as well.  Email to find out about activities & times.


Marriage Small Group

The foundation of a nation is our families, which are only as strong as the foundation of it’s marriages.  This critical relationship must be nourished and protected.  Our small group is focused on helping young couples who are starting out, blended families who are starting again, or couples who are looking for ways to grow stronger in their relationships.  Check out our EVENTS page to find when the next group meets.




Personal Finances

God has given us the gift and ability to not only make money but to enjoy it by being good stewards.  This group helps singles and couples to learn how to better manage what they have so that they can live debt free and make a bigger difference in the world through their resources.  This group meets during specific times in the year so make sure you visit the EVENTS page to find out when the next sessions will begin.


Worship & Music

Even though worship is more than music to us, we strive to leverage music as a great unifier to bring God’s people together and give them a voice to express what God means to them.  We have groups that lead our music devotions during our adult services and much more.


Parking Guides

We believe that the POINT that the pastor makes in the message beings in the PARKING lot.  We do more than just show you where to park.  We are on the frontline, here to welcome you as your come to seek God and send you off as you go and follow Him.




First Impressions Team

We know that going to church can be difficult for some, especially if you have never been to a service or it’s been a while since the last time you did.  We are here to answer any questions you may have and help you have the best experience possible.  Whether we are at the Guest Central desk, in the lobby, or in the service, we are here to help you!



The Great Commission that Jesus gave his disciples can be summed up with one word…GO!  We believe that going on mission trip is an essential part of growing one’s faith.  The good news of Jesus Christ is too good to keep a secret and with modern transportation, we can do more than any previous generation has ever thought possible.  If you have questions about going on a mission trip, email



Our bookstore is located in the front of MAIN building.  This is where we provide most of the materials for our small groups.  We also have worked hard to gather a collection of materials that will help you in your walk with God and how to become a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ.  If you would like to donate to our bookstore or recommend any materials, email




Membership Class

This is where everything starts.  Our membership class provides all of our guests with the opportunity to ask questions and get to know who we are and how you fit in our church.  We offer multiple membership classes throughout the year.  Visit our EVENTS page to find out when the next one will be made available.  Also, visit out MEMBERSHIP page to learn how to sign up for the next session.

Morning Prayer

Tuesday mornings, we offer everyone an opportunity to gather early in the morning in worship and prayer before God.  Beginning the day this way is a great way to begin not just your Tuesdays but everyday at home.  We invite you to join us from 5:30am-6:30am and connect with others in the church as we strive to connect to our God.

MidWeek Service

We offer a midweek service in SPANISH only on Wednesday nights from 7:30-8:45pm.  There we gather together to worship and are encouraged through a message from God’s Word.  We also host special services during certain times of the year on Wednesdays.  Check the EVENTS page for more information on our next midweek service.



Water Baptism

Being baptized is a special celebration of the new life that one finds in Jesus Christ.  We want to be here to celebrate with you as you publicly declare your commitment to Christ.  We offer a class on how to prepare you for your baptism and answer any questions that you may have.  CLICK HERE if you have any questions in the mean time and email if you desire to sign up to be water baptized.


If you need some help and guidance, no matter what it going on in your life, we want to be here to help you. We offer free concealing sessions during specific times throughout the week.  Call our main line (813) 265-4630 or email to find out about any openings for appointments.

Community Service & Outreach

Our faith is meant to be active and not passive.  We believe that it grows best when we serve together more than we sit together.  Our FAITH is expressed in WORKS and we strive to find ways to be a blessing and become a small town that serves our big city through the Gospel of Jesus.  Go to the EVENTS page to find our next service project.  If you have any ideas for service projects or have questions on how to get involved, email


Food Bank

We believe that everyone deserve a hand up more than a hand out.  We offer more than just food assistance for anyone that is in need, but we desire to help you to go from dependent to independent.  If you want to find out how to sign up for our food services or desire to volunteer, email


We have a café in our MAIN building that is open during our Sunday service times.  We offer more of a hispanic inspired menu to honor the tradition of our church since it first began as a SPANISH congregation over 30 years ago.

Guest Follow Up

We are all about relationships, but not just in a superficial way or in a social network kind of a way.  Nothing is better than face to face interactions.  All first time guests can sign up for a free pizza delivery on us!  Swing by Guest Central and let us know what day works best for you.


Men’s Ministry

We believe that God has created each man to lead through action.  We offer both small and large gathers throughout the year that are focused on helping men to develop their strengths and become leaders at home, work, and in their communities.  Visit our EVENTS page for events and times.

Women Ministry

We believe that God has created each woman with a beautiful purpose.  We offer both small and large gatherings throughout the year that are designed to both encourage and empower each woman display God’s glory through their levels of influence.  Visit our EVENTS page for events and times.

Production & Tech Arts

Technology should be leveraged as much as possible to showcase to the world just how amazing our God is. Our team works on running sound during our services, recording podcasts, producing the radio programs, filming our services, and much more.


Dance Team

We believe that we should worship God with all of our heart, mind, and bodies.  Our group is focused on helping anyone who loves to express themselves through dance to grow their gift.  We occasionally dance during our services and other live events.

ABC’s Of The Christian Faith

Believing in Jesus Christ is just the beginning.  We are here to partner with you as you begin your once in a lifetime adventure with your one of a kind God!  You don’t have to live out your faith alone.  Visit Guest Central in our lobbies or email to sign up for our next session.


God is not information to be learned.  He’s more like a person that needs to be known.  This small group is designed for those who’ve complete the new believers course and want to continue to grow their faith or for those who just desire to grow in their knowledge of God through His Word.  Classes are held throughout the year so please visit our CONTACT page to find out when the next sessions will be held.


Prison Outreach

No one is behold the Gospel.  We invite you to join us as we visit those in jail and bring them the redemptive love of Jesus Christ who can restore anyone and everyone who accepts it.  Visit our EVENTS page to find out when’s the next time we are heading out.

Freedom & Healing

True freedom is about getting to a place where we are able to truly respond to God as the individuals we were created and destined to be.  We help others to find emotional and spiritual healing through growing in their connection with God and the truth of His Word.  Email to sign up.